The 10K Shoot-a-Way Gun is an elite basketball training tool available for rental at THE COURT.  The 10K Shoot-a-Way Gun is used by many college and professional programs.  The shooting machine allows players to efficiently and effectively train while maximizing the number of shots that they are able to take in a given time period and promoting sound fundamental shooting techniques.


The 10K Shoot-a-Way Gun is a self-rebounding, self-passing shooting machine that tracks a player's shooting results and provides the user with data at the end of a workout.  The machine helps players to get the most shots up to help build confidence and muscle memory.  The 10K Shoot-a-Way is a training tool used by some of the best players in the world as a way to become a better shooter.


To book your time on the 10K Shoot-a-Way Gun or email us at


All shooting machine rentals are reserved for half court access.


10K Shoot-a-Way Gun Rentals

  • 30 minutes           $35
  • 60 minutes           $60


THE COURT offers full court rental options of our pristine, full-sized college basketball floor for individuals, small groups, full teams, and more.


All full court rentals include exclusive use of the 10K Shoot-a-Way Gun.


Special pricing available for multiple and/or recurring uses.  Contact for pricing information for multiple uses.


Full Court Rentals

  • $70 per hour

Half Court Rentals

  • $50 per hour