Spring Tryout Information


GIRLS Spring 2023 tryouts will be held on Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6 at Somers High School.


Cost per player to tryout is $10 at check-in.


Pre registration is required.  PRE-REGISTER HERE.


Saturday, November 5

3rd/4th Grade: 9-10:15AM

5th Grade: 10:15-11:30AM

6th Grade: 11:30-12:45PM



Sunday, November 6

7th Grade: 3:30-4:45PM

8th Grade: 4:45-6PM

9th Grade: 6-7:15PM

10th-12th Grade: 7:15-8:30PM

Program Structure

Fall AAU 

  • Two times in the gym per week: 1 team practice, 1 weekly skills training
  • 3 team tournaments
  • All teams play in THE COURT fall league


THE COURT fall AAU season is designed to keep players playing and training in a high level, competitive team setting throughout the fall.  Teams will be formed following tryouts on August 20 & August 21.


THE COURT fall AAU is designed to be a little more local with slightly less travel commitment than our spring season.  Teams will continue to receive elite coaching and training while competing in high-level basketball competitions in the area.

THE COURT Basketball Club Program Information

THE COURT Basketball Club is the AAU/travel basketball program of THE COURT.



THE COURT strives to provide a safe and engaging environment for basketball players to learn, grow and develop their game.  THE COURT will develop well-rounded athletes capable of excelling on the basketball court and beyond through the design and execution of professional programs and emphasizing skill development, health and wellness and competitive achievement.



THE COURT promotes good sportsmanship, teamwork, integrity, fair play, hard work, inclusion and respect for all.


Why THE COURT Basketball Club?

  • Professional organization, staffing and communications
  • Expert coaches
  • Exclusive access to premiere facilities
  • Highly competitive teams playing in select tournaments
  • Program options for players of all skill levels
  • Commitment to core program values
  • International Travel
  • Extensive College Advisory Program

Spring 2022 Program Information

THE COURT Basketball Club will offer competitive AAU travel teams for the Spring/Summer 2022 season.  Team options will be available for Boys and Girls in Grades 4 through 12.


THE COURT is proud to offer AAU teams for players of all age and skill levels.


We offer a tiered program structure in which players are evaluated and placed at the appropriate competitive level.  Teams will compete at the development, state or regional/national levels.


Each tier level has a different scope of commitment (time, travel, cost, etc).  There is perfect program fit for each player and  & THE COURT staff will work with every family to create the perfect environment for each player to learn and grow.